Meet some of our past speakers.


Artist & Cyborg (UK)

Neil Harbisson is a Catalan-raised, British-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist, best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognized as a cyborg by a government. H[...] read more

Malka Older

Author ‘Infomocracy’ (US)

Malka Older is a writer, aid worker, and PhD candidate. Her science fiction political thriller Infomocracy, part one of the Centanal Cycle, is the first full-length novel from Tor.com. The sequel Null States will[...] read more

Lucy McRae

body artist (UK/AUS)

Lucy McRae is a sci-fi artist, film director, TED Fellow and body architect, placing the human body in complex, futuristic scenarios that confound the boundaries between the natural and artificial; inventing icon[...] read more

Luciano Floridi

Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information (IT/UK)

Luciano Floridi is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford, where he directs the Digital Ethics Lab (DELab) of the Oxford Internet Institute. He seats on the Google Advisory [...] read more

Daisy Ginsberg

Designer and writer (UK)

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is a designer, artist and writer, developing experimental approaches to imagine new roles and ideals for design. Daisy investigates design’s aesthetic and ethical futures with collabora[...] read more

Nell Watson

Engineer and Entrepreneur (UK)

Nell Watson is an engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist thinker who grew up in Northern Ireland. She has a longstanding interest in the philosophy of technology, and how extensions of human capacity drive emerging[...] read more

Jeroen van Loon

Artist (NL)

Jeroen van Loon lives and works in Utrecht, Netherlands. He received a bachelor in Digital Media Design and a European Media Master of Arts from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. His fascination revolves [...] read more

Jay Tuck

journalist (US)

Journalist and US defence expert Jay Tuck was executive news director of the daily network program Tagesthemen on ARD Television. He also served twice as combat correspondent in Iraq. His investigative reports on[...] read more

Torill Kornfeldt

science journalist (SE)

Torill Kornfeldt’s first book ‘The return of the Mammoth’ explores the science and ethics of reviving extinct species. Her work explores the problems and possibilities of using new genetic technology to try[...] read more

Rens Vliegenthart

Professor Media and Politics (NL)

Rens Vliegenthart is professor at the Department of Communication Science, Amsterdam University. He is one of the most productive researchers in his field. Since receiving his PhD, he has studied the role of the [...] read more

Amos Kater

UL Transaction Security, Director Advisory & Education Services (NL)

Amos Kater is the Director of UL Transaction Security Advisory & Education Services unit. In this role Amos is responsible for all markets (Banks, Payment Institutions, Telecom & Manufacturers, Transit an[...] read more

Caspar Verwer

Expert Nature Conservation IUCN NL (NL)

Caspar Verwer is Expert Nature Conservation at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) National Committee of The Netherlands. read more

Marietje Schaake

Member of the European Parliament (NL)

Marietje Schaake is a Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Democratic Party (D66) with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) political group since 2009. She is the founder of the Eur[...] read more

Tim Reutemann

Science fiction author (CH)

Tim Reutemann is a climate finance expert and science fiction author. He is working on the forefront of new financial mechanisms under the Paris Agreement, while exploring future opportunities for more democratic[...] read more

Carl Miller

Research-director CASM & author (UK)

Carl Miller is the research-director and co-founder of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM), the first UK think tank team dedicated to researching digital society. For the last six years, he’s[...] read more

Nicky Hekster

Technical Leader Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Healthcare (NL)

Nicky Hekster works for IBM. He is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the IBM Watson Technology applied to business and our society, notably to healthcare and life sciences. Six years ago he wa[...] read more

Micha Bruinvels

Director of Contests, World Press Photo (NL)

Micha Bruinvels has been at World Press Photo since the beginning of the millennium, starting as a project manager for youth education, corporate publications and the Children’s Jury, he is currently holding th[...] read more

Frederik de Wilde

Artist (BE)

Frederik de Wilde works at the interstice of the art, science and technology. Frederik studied fine arts, media arts and philosophy. The conceptual crux of his artistic praxis are the notions of the inaudible, in[...] read more

Josje Spierings

Head of the Secretariat of the International Data Responsibility Group (NL)

Josje Spierings is head of the Secretariat of the International Data Responsibility Group (IDRG). IDRG aims to advance the agenda of responsible data use for vulnerable and crisis affected populations. Josje is [...] read more

Thomas van Baar

Project Officer Research Futures, Centre for Innovation (NL)

Thomas leads HumanityX (Centre for Innovation, Leiden University) a multidisciplinary team which aims to enable stakeholders in the peace, justice and humanitarian sector to adopt innovations in order to increase[...] read more

Jacco van Uden

Professor Change Management (NL)

Jacco van Uden is professor of Change Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. At The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Jacco van Uden wonders how we can how to build and develop innovative typ[...] read more

Moon Ribas

Artist & Cyborg (ES)

Moon Ribas is a Catalan avant-garde artist and cyborg activist best known for developing the Seismic Sense, an online seismic sensor implanted in her arm that allows her to perceive earthquakes through vibrations[...] read more

Philip Brey

Professor of Ethics of Technology (US)

Philip Brey investigates the role of technology in society, and how we can develop and use technology in a way that takes into account ethical issues, including people’s rights and freedoms, justice, sustai[...] read more

Jeanine Reutemann

Researcher at the Centre for Innovation (NL)

Jeanine Reutemann is a Researcher at the Centre for Innovation at the Leiden University, with a background in film, education and media sciences. Main research interests: Science & Video, AR & VR, Artific[...] read more

Kristian Esser

Entrepeneur Mr. Harder (NL)

Kristian Esser was born in Africa, raised in Italy and is now based in Amsterdam. He studied at the European Institute of Design in Milano as well as the HKU and has been driven by creativity throughout his life,[...] read more

Angelo Vermeulen

Space systems researcher & biologist (BE)

Angelo Vermeulen is a space systems researcher, biologist, community artist, and TED Senior Fellow. In 2009 he initiated Space Ecologies Art and Design (SEAD), an international network of individuals working in a[...] read more

Arie van Bellen

Director of ECP (NL)

Arie van Bellen is director of ECP, platform for Information Society. ECP is a influential not-for-profit platform where participants from businesses, government, science and society work together to establish a [...] read more

Bas Haring

Professor Public Understanding of Science (NL)

Bas Haring is a Dutch philosopher, writer of popular science and children’s literature, television presenter and professor. He’s a full professor at Leiden University where he holds a chair in ‘publ[...] read more

Jerry Spanakis

Assistant Professor Data Science & Knowledge Engineering, Maastricht University (GR/NL)

Gerasimos (Jerry) Spanakis is an assistant professor at the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University. He has been involved in several projects applying artificial intelligence[...] read more

Jim Stolze

founder TEDxAmsterdam & tv-host RTL Z (NL)

Jim Stolze is a pioneer and thought leader on digital transformation. His early work got him featured on CNN and brought him an invitation to speak at the TED Conference in California. Ever since he has been a pr[...] read more

Mashya Boon

Film Studies Scholar (US/NL)

Mashya is a Dutch Film Studies Scholar currently obtaining her PhD at Michigan State University (MSU) in the USA. Her research interests lie at the intersection of film-philosophy, posthumanism, identity-politics[...] read more

Menno Schilthuizen

Professor & Senior Scientist Naturalis Biodiveristy Center (NL)

Dutch biologist Menno Schilthuizen (1965) is author, speaker, and researcher. He works as a senior scientist for Naturalis Biodiversity Center and holds a post as professor of evolutionary biology and biodiversit[...] read more

Boris de Ruyter

Principal Scientist Philips Research (BE)

Boris de Ruyter is Principal Scientist at Philips Research and Professor (by special appointment) Human Interactions with Intelligent Systems at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He wants to co[...] read more

Madeleine van der Steege

Entrepeneur, researcher and author (SA)

Madeleine van der Steege started trading under Synquity in 2014, a business offering organizational development solutions. She is a member of the Management Board of The Bijlmer Project, Adjunct Professor at Webs[...] read more

Bettina von Stamm

Innovation Philosopher, author (UK)

Bettina von Stamm has been an original and visionary thinker as well as a prolific writer in the field of innovation since 1992. She is co-author of the book ‘Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving[...] read more

Femke Nijboer

Assistant Professor Neuropsychology, Leiden University (NL)

Femke Nijbooer is Assistant Professor Health, Medical and Neuropsychology at Leiden University and an affiliate member of the 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology. She wants to stimulate patient participation in [...] read more

Richard Schut

film producer (NL)

Richard is the co-founder of the 48 Hour Film Project in Amsterdam: a short film competition in which people create a short film in only 48 hours. In 2013 Richard initiated the 48 Days Feature Film Project in whi[...] read more

Michiel Vos

moderator (US/NL)

Michiel is the host of the TV series ‘My America’, about his experiences as a European living in America. He regularly comments on American political affairs and news for television and radio programs. He’s[...] read more