Man in the machine (Guest Worker)

Guest Worker is an art installation, made in 2019 by Merijn van Moll and Ruben van de Ven, resulting from a collaboration between the NSvP and SETUP. The installation addresses the question: “What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the labour market what does it mean for diversity and inclusion?” Guest Worker zooms in on gig work and the platform economy and, such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, and makes tangible what is at stake.

Full Program 2020 online!

These last weeks we have been working hard to complete our program for you. We are excited to present you a diverse array of speakers on our themes The Future of (In)Equality and Starship Humanity.

Brave New World 2020 – Online Only!

Due to the new developments and measures concerning Covid-19 in the Netherlands, we have decided to present the 2020-edition of Brave New World online only.

UK book launch – Brave New Human, Reflections on the Invisible

On June the 17th, Brave New World and Regent’s University London will be organising an online UK book launch for our latest publication – Brave New Human, Reflections on the Invisible.

Brave New Human – Reflections on the Invisible

Brave New World Conference challenged scientists, artists, writers and philosophers from all over the world to answer a question most people are not only wondering about but, after quite some months of uncertainties, even long for — How will our world look like after corona. Will the COVID-19 pandemic have a lasting effect on us, on our society and on how we see our the world? We bundled their visionary answers, ideas, strategies and arguments in Brave New Human – Reflections on the Invisible to give you an insight in a possible future post-Corona world.

Brave New World launches publishing house

Every year, we bring the most innovative thinkers in culture, politics, business and society together, to discuss how future technologies will affect business, policies and life. And now (especially now!) our discussions will reach beyond our conference halls. So we are launching a brand new publishing house that will take the ideas of Brave New World to your doorstep. The books of Bot Publishers will revolve around the same topics as our conference: future technologies and their ethical and societal impact.

SETUP x NSVP: future scenarios for AI and the job market

Voice assistants taking over your job interview. Algorithms that predict the perfect candidate for a vacancy. The possibilities of AI (artificial intelligence) for recruitment and selection of employees seem endless. What does the future of this development look like? And how does AI facilitate – or frustrate – diversity in the labor market?

Brave New World is expanding with Beyond Human

We want to introduce you to our new spin-off: Beyond Human – Festival for humanoids and other beings.  Something for your friends and family to join as well.

New venue: NATURALIS

Our fourth edition of Brave New World will take place in the brand new museum of Naturalis Biodiversity Center. 

Column Jim Stolze: The 4 Pills From Steinbuch

Our moderator Jim Stolze is right in the centre of innovation and technology. Besides being a tech-entrepeneur, he is also a journalist. Brave New World is publishing two of his interesting columns, which were formerly published in the Dutch financial paper FD (‘Financial Times’). This is the second one, enjoy!