Institute Of Human Obsolesence To Present New Work At BNW 2018

Brave New World is going to host the Institute of Human Obsolescence (IoHO) from the 7th until the 11th of November at the Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden. We are also proud to announce that during this period, the IoHO is going to present three new installations that complete the series Data Production Labour. In addition, they are going to host workshops analysing aspects of daily usage of technology.

BNW 2018: Program Complete!

We’re proud to announce that our conference program for 2018 is now complete! So if you haven’t signed up yet, then make sure to get your ticket today.

Stop With ‘Impossible’: The Three Bridges Of Ray

Our moderator Jim Stolze is right in the centre of innovation and technology. Besides being a tech-entrepeneur, he is also a journalist. Brave New World is publishing a couple of his interesting columns, which were formerly published in the Dutch financial paper FD (‘Financial Times’). This is the first one, enjoy!

Brave New World x Vrij Nederland

We are proud to introduce our new media partner to you: the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland. They will not be partnering up by giving away free advertising space or writing an article about our event. But they will actually be dedicating their whole November issue to Brave New World!

BNW to co-host Impact Café

On the 8th of November, Brave New World will host an Impact Café together with our partner ASTP Proton. This Humanities Impact Hub based-workshop, titled “Upgrade yourself!?”, is about how technology affects human life and which human perspectives should be considered by technology developers when it comes to biohacking, implanted chips, antennas and much more.

Preliminary program Brave New World 2018

Our 2018 program is taking shape and we are excited to share the preliminary version with you! We’re proud of the renowned speakers who will join us on the 8th and 9th of November. Together they will share their insights about this year’s four main themes: Future of War & Trust in Tech (November 8th), Immortality & Transhumanism (November 9th).

More new speakers! Announcing Mark O’Connell, Jessica Barker & others

We are pleased to announce that several more amazing speakers will join us at Brave New World 2018. Make sure not to miss out and order you ticket for the 2018 edition today!

Presenting our new moderator: Jim Stolze

We are very honoured to introduce to you our new moderator: Jim Stolze. As presenter at the business tv-channel RTL Z and CEO of Agency and CSO of Singularity University in the Netherlands, Jim is right in the centre of innovation and technology.

First Speakers 2018 Conference Announced

On November 8th & 9th, 2018 Brave New World organises its third conference about the impact of future technology on society. We’re proud to hereby announce our first fantastic speakers, so make sure to read on to find out more about them (or just buy your ticket right away of course ..).


Artist Jeroen van Loon to close Brave New World 2017

We are very proud to have artist Jeroen van Loon as our last speaker on Friday 3 November. Jeroen received a bachelor in Digital Media Design and a European Media Master of Arts from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. His fascination revolves around the revealing, documenting, and visualizing of digital culture. Earlier work focussed on its personal and societal impact while recent work focusses on the Internet itself: its architecture, physicality, and connectivity—speculating on how these will change in the future.