Artist Jeroen van Loon to close Brave New World 2017

We are very proud to have artist Jeroen van Loon as our last speaker on Friday 3 November. Jeroen received a bachelor in Digital Media Design and a European Media Master of Arts from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. His fascination revolves around the revealing, documenting, and visualizing of digital culture. Earlier work focussed on its personal and societal impact while recent work focusses on the Internet itself: its architecture, physicality, and connectivity—speculating on how these will change in the future.


Brave New World 2017 is looking for volunteers on the 2nd and 3rd of November, to make this edition a success!  We are looking for drivers to pick up the speakers, in the newest Mercedes, and transfer them to Leiden. Also, we are looking for people to register the visitors.

Body artist Lucy McRae joining BNW

Brave New World is very proud to announce Lucy McRae is joining our program on Thursday 2 November. Lucy McRae is a sci-fi artist, film director, TED Fellow and body architect, placing the human body in complex, futuristic scenarios that confound the boundaries between the natural and artificial. She will show us how humans might evolve in the coming 2000 years.

Stage: Productie & Communicatie

Voor de ondersteuning van ons PR- en productieteam zijn wij op zoek naar twee stagiairs (m/v). Wij bieden twee uitdagende stageplekken bij een snel groeiende, informele organisatie waar veel ruimte is voor eigen initiatief.


Brave New World wants to welcome Michiel Vos on stage once again as moderator of our conference.

Michiel is the host of the TV series ‘My America’, about his experiences as a European living in America. He regularly comments on American political affairs and news for television and radio programs. He’s married to filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Michiel worked as a producer on Alexandra Pelosi’s films.

Check out our 7 new speakers!

We have been working hard this summer to add more inspiring experts and artists to our program. On the theme ‘Nature&Tech’ we have added journalist Torill Kornfeldt (SE). Professor Philip Brey (US) will tell us more on the ethics of technology, more specific on the ethics of Human Enhancement. We are very proud to have Nell Watson (UK), Jay Tuck (US), Frederik de Wilde (BE) and Nicky Hekster (NL) to our theme ‘Artificial Intelligence’. And author Tim Reutemann (CH) will discuss future developments in politics and government with our other author Malka Older (US).

Can Mixed media make us more emphatic?

Trend report Centre for Innovation

JUL 5, 2017

What is the future of work in the 21st century? And how far should we go with human enhancement? These questions (and more) form the basis of the Centre for Innovation’s first Trend Report, a magazine-style publication discussing the latest societal and technological trends that are likely to affect our lives in the years to come.