Brave Young Minds in conversation with cyborg NEIL HARBISSON in Naturalis Leiden

Naturalis 11:00 17 september 2023

Young generation asks questions about who we are as humans

Following it’s succesful first edition in 2022 with Yuval Harari, Brave Young Minds returns with a unique encounter with the world’s first official cyborg, Neil Harbisson.

Neil Harbisson is globally recognized for his captivating transformation as a cyborg artist. Born with complete colour blindness, Harbisson has augmented his body with an antenna firmly attached to his skull. Using his distinctive “eyeborg,” he converts colours into audible tones. With a camera and advanced software embedded in his antenna, Harbisson translates the colour spectrum into sound waves. This enables him to perceive a broader range of colours than people with normal vision, including infrared and ultraviolet. Harbisson views his cyborg body as a living art project and creates works such as music pieces based on colours.

Brave Young Minds offers children aged 10 to 18 a unique opportunity to personally meet Neil Harbisson and ask questions about his life as a cyborg and the potential benefits for our planet if more people were to embrace this path. As a cyborg, Harbisson feels a stronger connection with nature and can identify with animals such as insects and dolphins.

To participate in this exciting event, children can register by sending an email to contact@bravenewworld.nl

We kindly ask children to include their age and the number of people accompanying them. As the number of available seats is limited, we encourage early registration.

Parents are also warmly welcome to attend this event. Special seating will be reserved to allow them to experience the event together with their children.

The Brave Young Minds event will be conducted in English.

Below an impression of the first edition of Brave Young Minds with Yuval Noah Harari

📸 Annick Elzenga

Alexander Mouret – director Brave Young Minds / Brave New World