Tim Reutemann

Science fiction author

Tim Reutemann is a climate finance expert and science fiction author. He is working on the forefront of new financial mechanisms under the Paris Agreement, while exploring future opportunities for more democratic and efficient global governance mechanisms in his writing. His almost-finished novel is set 35 years into the future where global governance is fully digitalized and the election cycle has shortened from one decision every four years to one decision every four milliseconds.

He is currently advising the Peruvian and Swiss Governments on structuring a first pilot for the new market based approaches under the Agreement, and further helping UNEP in improving their training program on the technicalities of accessing finance from the Green Climate Fund. His latest venture that he is feverishly working on is a proposal to launch an experiment in international digital democratic governance for climate finance, which he was invited to present on the “Sustainable Energy Futures” Conference in Chile this September.