Stefan van der Stigchel

Professor in Cognitive Psychology

Stefan van der Stigchel is a professor in Cognitive Psychology at the department of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University and principal investigator of the research group AttentionLab. For his research on visual attention, he received a VENI and VIDI NWO grant, and recently an ERC Consolidator Grant and VICI NWO grant. Stefan is author of the popular science book Zo werkt aandacht, which was published as the english How Attention Works in Januari 2019. His second book Concentratie was released in the Netherlands in November 2018 and published by MIT Press in 2020. A third book, Grip op je aandacht, was published in 2020. His books have further been translated in Russian, Korean and Chinese.

What is Attention

We are surrounded by a world rich with visual information, but we pay attention to very little of it, filtering out what is irrelevant so we can focus on what we think we need to know. How does the process of attention work and what are the implications are for our everyday lives.