Sarah Durston

Professor of Developmental Disorders of the Brain

Sarah Durston started the NICHE Neuroimaging lab at the Department of Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry of the Utrecht University Medical Center. She managed to obtain a Veni, Vidi as a VICI grant from NWO as well as several other collaborative grants, providing essential funding for her work. The lab currently includes about 15 people Our work continues to focus on how (genetic and environmental) risks for developmental disorders translate to brain function, structure and connectivity and how this in turn – ultimately- translates to behavioural development.

Understanding Reality

Our current understanding of our world is nearly 350 years old. It stems from the ideas of Descartes and Newton and has brought us many great things, including modern science and increases in wealth, health and everyday living standards. This is so ingrained in our daily lives that we have forgotten reality is a paradigm, not a fact. Reality depends on how we observe the world. And that observations depend on characteristics of the observer at the large, cosmic, and small, subatomic scales. So the way we observe, and thus perceive reality, is different per person.


8 November