Rudy van Belkom

Director of the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends

Rudy van Belkom is director of The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) and speaks and writes about the impact of technology on our society. According to him, the question is not what future we will get, but what future we want. ‘No futuristic storyline with visuals about drones and robots, but a scientifically based talk that makes you think’, according to one of his clients.For the past parliamentary elections, he developed the ‘Technology Kieswijzer’, an innovative election compass on tech-related topics such as privacy, fake news and the power of Big Tech. More than 30,000 people made use of this voting tool. These insights formed the basis for his new book about hope for democracy: ‘Alive and Clicking’. He previously researched the future of artificial intelligence (AI) on behalf of STT. Within this research, he published three publications (including ‘AI no longer has a plug’) and developed an Ethical Design Game for AI (‘Ethics Inc.’).