Roslyn Fuller

Managing Director of the Solonian Democracy Institute

Dr. Roslyn Fuller trained in law before writing her PhD in Democracy and International Law at Trinity College, Dublin. She frequently writes and lectures on issues pertaining to technology, ancient and modern democracy, privacy and international law, with her work appearing in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Financial Times, BBC, The Nation, and Forbes. She is the author of five books, including Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed Its Meaning and Lost Its Purpose and In Defence of Democracy (recently a Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards). She ran as an Independent on a platform of direct digital democracy in the 2016 Irish national elections, and is the Managing Director of the Solonian Democracy Institute.


Talk: A Future for Everyone? Tech-driven Democracy and How it will Change Us

When we speak of inequality, we tend to ignore one of the most important underlying causes of severe economic inequality – political inequality. How a society distributes its goods is, after all, a political choice. How can we use technology to create a far more egalitarian democracy and enable citizens to regulate and enforce economic priorities, quickly, efficiently and frequently?