Regina Joseph

Superforcaster, political scientist, systems designer

Regina Joseph’s career spans senior roles in technology, media, national security and decision science research. Since 2014, her consultancies, Pytho in the US and Sibylink in Europe, have led analysis, research and training for such organizations as US Marine Corps, NATO, the Netherlands’ National Cyber Security Center and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the OSCE, and the European Defence Agency. She has served as either a co-Principal Investigator or senior consultant on multiple research programs funded by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), among others. In 2022, she developed the cognitive training system and pilot for INFER, the US government’s forecasting platform, in addition to completing her NSF research, Human Forest, and winning a patent for it. She is a top-ranked Superforecaster with a certified track record of predictive accuracy. She demonstrated prescience early in her career by revolutionizing the media industry in 1994 with the creation of Blender, the world’s first digital magazine, as well as the first forms of digital advertising. Prior to 2014, she served in roles ranging from a Senior Research Fellow in Defense/Security at the Clingendael Institute think tank to senior vice president at companies like Sony and Liberty Global. She is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow and she received her B.A. from Hamilton College (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and her M. Sci. from New York University.

Five Minutes To Midnight: AI & The Flattening Mind

Aldous Huxley warned us. The rush to deploy automated systems is obscuring the superior power of the applied human mind. However, the results of what Huxley called the Ultimate Revolution may already be upon us. But there may still be an opportunity to alert a generation on how to improve their cognitive awareness, and at least slow down, if not halt, the path to a flatter future.