Pim Haselager

Prof. Artificial Intelligence

Pim Haselager focuses on philosophy, psychology and artificial intelligence (AI). He researches the social implications of using AI and neuroscience. How can we ensure that new technology is used responsibly?

Prof. Haelager’s research focuses on the implications of Cognitive neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence for human self-understanding. He investigates the societal implications of research in CNS and AI. He focusses specifically on technologies of Robotics, Brain-Computer Interfacing, and Brain Stimulation and  the integration of empirical work (i.e. experimentation, computational modeling, and robotics) with philosophical issues regarding knowledge, identity, agency, responsibility and intelligent behavior.


AI is a mirror: It shows us what we’re missing about ourselves

AI is like a mirror, in that it shows us who we think we are, or at least what we take to be most important about ourselves. But our fascination with intelligence, and recently superintelligence, leaves out the perhaps most important part of our being: sentience. It’s what we share with other animals, not what partially distinguishes us from them, that requires more of our attention. Especially in the domain of ethics, a better understanding of what exactly AI is missing will be vital.

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