Peter van der Putten

Assistant Professor and director of Decisioning Solutions at Pegasystems (NL)

How can machines learn from interaction? Or how can phenomena such as intelligence, creativity or more in general, complex behaviour emerge from simple parts? Big questions of course, but nonetheless fascinating. Peter van der Putten enjoys studying these questions as a researcher in the Data Mining Group as well as in the Media Technology program at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Next to that he applies these methods in industry, most recently as the Director of Decisioning Solutions at Pegasystems.

Summary For Brave New World 2018: Bots Like You

Intelligent killer robots are all the rage nowadays, but what about emotional or creative robots? Or even curious, helpless or religious robots? Does researching these bots with ‘unique’ human or lifelike qualities make us less or more human? And why should we care?

Friday 9 November