Peter Joosten

Writer & Biohacker

Peter Joosten MSc. is a biohacker and future thinker. He investigates the impact of biohacking, human enhancement and transhumanism in his keynotes, articles and Youtube channel.
He is the curator of the platform Superhuman Talks where he writes and interviews experts about the coming era of upgraded humans. He wrote the (Dutch) book ‘Biohacking’ about human enhancement and its implication on organizations, education and healthcare.


Talk: The expansion of Sapiens

How will the human race evolve in the coming decades? What are drivers for inequality? In this talk biohacker and future thinker Peter Joosten uses contemporary examples and science fiction videos to discuss the impact of technology on (in)equality. How can our and future generations prevent these dystopian scenario from playing out?


Photo: Henry Dullink

9 November