Moon Ribas

Artist & Cyborg

Moon Ribas is a Catalan avant-garde artist and cyborg activist best known for developing the Seismic Sense, an online seismic sensor implanted in her arm that allows her to perceive earthquakes through vibrations in real time. In 2010 she co-founded the Cyborg Foundation, an international organisation that aims to help people become cyborgs, defend cyborg rights and promote cyborgism as an artistic and social movement.

In order to share her experience, she then translates her new sense on stage. Her performances are a direct result of the interaction between the movement of the tectonic plates and its interpreter. Ribas transposes the earthquakes into either sound, in her piece Seismic Percussion; or dance, in Waiting For Earthquakes, allowing the audience to feel a direct connection to the planet. Her current project is to feel moonquakes, the seismic activity on the moon. Ribas believes that by extending our senses to perceive outside the planet, we can all become senstronauts. Adding this new sense will allow her to be physically on Earth while her feet feel the Moon, so in a way, she will be in Earth and Space at the same time.
Since 2007 Moon has been experimenting with the union between technology and her body to explore the boundaries of perception and to experience movement in a deeper way. Some of her previous research includes the transdental communication, the 360º perception and the Speedborg.