Michel Decré

innovator and entrepreneur in neurotechnology

Michel Decré is an innovator and entrepreneur in neurotechnology. Has been present at the start of many technological innovations during his work with Sapiens, Medtronic, Salvia Bioelectronics and, amongst others, Philips. With a background in physics and mechanical engineering Michel Decré has a detailed understanding how the many parts of our bodies operate at multiple scale levels. But his perspective is much broader, encompassing the scientific and philosophical thoughts as a certified master of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, known in Japan as Chanoyu or Chado.

Tea ceremony: shedding light on a ritual of attention

“Tea and Zen have the same taste”. This saying positions the Japanese tea ceremony as an embodied practice of attention “par excellence”. Attention for the guests, for the ritual, for the utensils, and the surroundings. To practitioners of such century-old traditions, a central question is how modern technology can support or enhance their experience and practice. Collaborations with artists and designers around the tea ceremony help to challenge a seemingly rigid ritual to uncover its universality and reinvent its modernity.