Luca Hierzenberger

Strategic consultant, founder subsight

Luca Hierzenberger  is based in Vienna and works in strategic consulting. After graduating in Management by Design (New Design University St. Pölten), she currently attends the master’s program Cross-Disciplinary Strategies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. As an all-rounder interested in various topics, her practice focuses mainly on the why, the how and (surrounding) processes. This includes various integrative approaches, method development, workshop creation and lots of experimentation. She is one half of the Subsight project team.

The Subversion of the Attention Economy

If we can’t avoid it, how can we subvert the current attention economy to alter it in favor of a greater pool of individuals or causes? Subsight investigates what strategies can be used to re-direct individual will and attention in order to drive social change and enable economic re-distribution.