Ksenia Fedorova

Media and Media Art researcher

Ksenia Fedorova (PhD) is Assistant Professor at Leiden University, NL. She is the author of Tactics of Interfacing: Encoding Affect in Art and Technology (MIT Press, 2020) and the co-editor of Media: Between Magic and Technology (2014). In 2007-2011, she led the “Art. Science. Technology” program at the Ural branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Ekaterinburg, RU). Ksenia’s interests encompass media art theory and history, aesthetics, science and technology and visual culture studies, with a focus on the effects of technologies on human perception and interaction.

“Decision-making and Sense-Acts in Art and Science”
How do the acts of sensing the environment translate into making sense of it? I will address a variety of artistic strategies to imagine new types of connection between perception and sense-making. Situations of choice, being in limbo can be challenging but they can also be approached as epistemic experiences where meanings are formed through aesthetic perception.