Jeanine Reutemann

Researcher at the Centre for Innovation

Jeanine Reutemann is a Researcher at the Centre for Innovation at the Leiden University, with a background in film, education and media sciences. Main research interests: Science & Video, AR & VR, Artificial Intelligence & Film, Digital Education, Embodiment Theory, Gesture Studies and Multimodal Communication. https://www.audiovisualresearch.org/.

She’s Co-Founder & CEO of RedMorpheus GmbH, working in the field of digital media productions and as a media consultancy expert for e.g. ETH Zurich, Oxford University, Ludwig-Maximillians University Munich, Academy of Arts and Design Zurich, WWF/COOP & Southpole Carbon, Novartis, Department of Culture Basel City, Short Film Agency Hamburg in cooperation with Federal Foundation for Culture of Germany and ZDF/ARTE.