Helena Nikonole

new media artist, independent curator and educator

Helena Nikonole is a new media artist, independent curator and educator currently based in Istanbul. Her field of interests embraces hybrid art, bio-semiotics and Artificial Intelligence. One part of her work is dedicated to utopian scenarios of post-human future while another is focused on dystopian present and critical approach to technology.

She presents lectures and workshops in the field of Art & Science and Neural Networks in arts at different institutions including Art Laboratory Berlin, Mutek Festival (Montreal and Tokyo), ITMO University and many others. Her work have been presented internationally by various institutions and festivals such as Ars Electronica, AI-Music Festival, ZKM Museum (Karlsruhe), CTM Festival, ADAF, Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana), Chronus Art Center (Shanghai) and Warsaw Biennial 2022.


Alternative Intelligence in Art & Science: from AI to living systems

The presentation is dedicated to artistic explorations of alternative intelligences through the lens of Art & Science practices. Through interdisciplinary art projects and artist-scientist collaborations, we will examine various forms of non-human intelligence: from so-called swarm bacterial intelligence, such as quorum sensing, to Artificial Intelligence in a context of bio-semiotics.


📷Anna Denisova + AI