Bettina von Stamm

Innovation Philosopher, author

Bettina von Stamm has been an original and visionary thinker as well as a prolific writer in the field of innovation since 1992. She is co-author of the book ‘Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in a VUCA Context’ (2017). Through her company, the Innovation Leadership Forum, she offers master classes, seminars, bespoke workshops and keynotes, helping senior managers and innovation leaders to understand and address barriers to innovation.

She captures her approach, means of communicating and effect on others as follows: Innovation Philosopher, Story Teller, Catalyst. Kindled during her MBA (1990-92), her passion for innovation deepened when returning to London Business School for her PhD (1994-98). Three core beliefs underpin her work in innovation – and every other aspect of her life: 1. The importance of a deep understanding of specific context – which is why she has developed the Innovation Wave®, a facilitated assessment tool. 2. The necessity to consider the wider system – which is why she has developed the BvS Innovation Framework. 3. Developing an awareness and appreciation of all aspects of human nature in general and the impact of habits and assumptions in particular – which is why she has developed two sets of picture cards that help elicit assumptions and bridge chasms so common in the highly diverse contexts that innovation requires.