Adam Dipert

Particle Physicist, Weightless Movement Artist, Circus and Fire Performer

Adam Dipert is a physicist, circus performer, and dancer. He will be defending his PhD in experimental nuclear physics during fall 2018. His research has been performed at Arizona State, North Carolina State, and Duke Universities, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. His circus career has spanned 18 years and hundreds of performances. His unique areas of interest have resulted in work on the future of human body movement in microgravity.

During his talk, Adam will discuss the work he has completed in simulations and experimental movement on parabolic flights. Since we won’t have access to weightlessness during the conference, videos will be shown outlining some of the intriguing aspects of learning to perform in these environments. Studies about how the human brain interprets 3D environments will be discussed. Additionally, as our mental maps change to be able to think in 3D, this will influence our metaphorical interpretation of the world, cognition, and even our use of language.

Friday 9 November