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Trend report Centre for Innovation

What is the future of work in the 21st century? And how far should we go with human enhancement? These questions (and more) form the basis of the Centre for Innovation’s first Trend Report, a magazine-style publication discussing the latest societal and technological trends that are likely to affect our lives in the years to come.

Last year at Brave New World 2016, the Centre for Innovation discussed the six trends they were writing about with the audience. Now, the report is finished. Covering articles and interviews by academics and thought leaders in their field, the Trend Report aims to inform as well as inspire innovators, educators, businesses and students alike.

The six trends – virtual empathy, human enhancement, digital life, impact economy, collective intelligence and hacking uncertainty – were selected by the Centre for Innovation after careful observation and research, as well as discussions with project partners from universities, NGOs and businesses.

The Trend Report includes an interview with Saskia Sassen about the future of the global city and a feature by Nathaniel Raymond on the true purpose of collective intelligence. Bibi van den Berg, Liesbet van Zoonen and others discuss how technology and big data will influence society. A full overview of all articles and interviews can be found below.

We hope that this publication will reach a wide audience of different backgrounds, interests and viewpoints, and encourages open discussion and debate.


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