SETUP x NSVP: future scenarios for AI and the job market

Voice assistants taking over your job interview. Algorithms that predict the perfect candidate for a vacancy. The possibilities of AI (artificial intelligence) for recruitment and selection of employees seem endless. What does the future of this development look like? And how does AI facilitate – or frustrate – diversity in the labor market?


Medialab SETUP and NSVP (Nederlandse Stichting voor Psychotechniek) asked 4 teams of creatives to create a work that investigates these questions. By developing installations and performances, they make the social consequences of AI in the HR sector tangible. Would you still be hired for your own job if you had to apply with the Selection Automat?



Combining their research background with artistic practice, medialab SETUP strives to create an enriched, critical stance towards emerging technologies. What impact do new technologies have on society? What negative consequences can digitalization have and how can we steer developments towards more fruitful futures?


SETUP (in collaboration with Beyond Human and NSVP) will present the four works in an exhibit at Naturalis during Beyond Human festival and during the Brave New World Conference.

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