Full Program 2020 online!

These last weeks we have been working hard to complete our program for you. We are excited to present you a diverse array of speakers on our themes The Future of (In)Equality and Starship Humanity. For example we have anthropologist of the future Roanne van Voorst about sustainable humanity, artist Lisa Mandemaker on future common sense, author and Managing Director of the Solonian Democracy Institute Roslyn Fuller on political and tech-drive inequality, as well as policy analyst Trivik Verma on the impact of tech on building inclusive cities. Furthermore Mars Society Founder Robert Zubrin will tell us about entering space, astrophysicist Vincent Icke about our exoneighbours and becoming cosmic travellers. Law professor Tanja Masson-Zwaan explains space law & government, while Andy Miah will focus on space ethics. Of course we also have our fair share of space-artist joining on the second day like NahumMichael Najjar and Angelo Vermeulen.