Fakes, Forgeries and Deceptions

Last edition of Brave New World on the first day we talked about “Truth in Reality”, what is real and what is not. In the course of putting together our program we had an idea – lets contact the many museums and collections in Leiden and ask them if they have some fakes, forgeries or deceptions in their depots The reactions were unexpectedly enthusiastic and positive. Before we knew it we were organizing an exhibition. With Fresco Sam-Sin of Things That Talk as guest curator and Museum De Lakenhal as our main venue we are proud to present the exhibition “Misleiden – Fakes uit Kunste en Wetenschap” (Deception – Fakes in Art & Science) from December 17th 2021 to March 13th 2022. Come see the exhibition in De Lakenhal and learn even more about the objects and their stories online from December the 17th.