Check out our 7 new speakers!

We have been working hard this summer to add more inspiring experts and artists to our program. On the theme ‘Nature&Tech’ we have added journalist Torill Kornfeldt (SE). Professor Philip Brey (US) will tell us more on the ethics of technology, more specific on the ethics of Human Enhancement. We are very proud to have Nell Watson (UK), Jay Tuck (US), Frederik de Wilde (BE) and Nicky Hekster (NL) to our theme ‘Artificial Intelligence’. And author Tim Reutemann (CH) will discuss future developments in politics and government with our other author Malka Older (US).
Below a short summary of our new speakers. More info on them can be found on the speakers page.

Torill Kornfeldtscience journalist and author (SE)
Torill Kornfeldt’s first book ‘The return of the Mammoth’ explores the science and ethics of reviving extinct species. Her work explores the problems and possibilities of using new genetic technology to try to solve environmental problems caused by climate change and loss of species.

Philip BreyProfessor of ethics of technology (US)
This fall, he will start leading a large international project of 4 million euros that will study the ethical and human rights implications of human enhancement, artificial intelligence, robotics and human genomics.

Jay Tuck
– Journalist (US)
Journalist and US defence expert Jay Tuck was executive news director of the daily network program Tagesthemen on ARD Television. His current book, “Evolution without us – Will AI kill us?” (Plassen Publishing) was researched at US and European drone bases, defense and intelligence agencies, as well as AI research institutions.

Frederik de Wildeartist (BE)
Frederik de Wilde works at the interstice of the art, science and technology. Frederik studied fine arts, media arts and philosophy. The conceptual crux of his artistic praxis are the notions of the inaudible, intangible and invisible.

Nicky HeksterTechnical Leader Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Healthcare (NL)
Nicky Hekster works for IBM. He is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the IBM Watson Technology applied to business and our society, notably to healthcare and life sciences. Six years ago he was one of the first in the Benelux that picked up and embraced this Watson technology and subsequently became a Watson Ambassador.

Nell WatsonEngineer and entrepreneur (UK)
Nell Watson is an engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist thinker who grew up in Northern Ireland. Possessing a long-term mindset, Nell serves as Senior Advisor to The Future Society at Harvard, as well as serving as an advisory technologist to several startups, accelerators, and venture capital funds.

Tim Reutemann – Science fiction author (CH)
Tim Reutemann has almost finished his novel, set 35 years into the future, where global governance is fully digitalized and the election cycle has shortened from one decision every four years to one decision every four milliseconds.