Brave New World x Vrij Nederland

We are proud to introduce our new media partner to you: the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland. They will not be partnering up by giving away free advertising space or writing an article about our event. But they will actually be dedicating their whole November issue to Brave New World!

About Vrij Nederland
Vrij Nederland was originally a newspaper published by the resistance in  WWII. Nowadays, Vrij Nederland is an independent, monthly magazine (Dutch only) that covers the big changes in politics, culture, society and  science that influence our lives. The magazine plays a role in the societal debate with independent journalism and in depth articles about power, culture and the future.

Free Issue and Online Subscription
Vrij Nederland is going to publish an issue that will be covering the influence of future technologies on human life. This issue will be in stores starting from October 25 and freely available for our participants on the 8th and 9th of November. As a bonus, Vrij Nederland also offers our participants a free online subscription on Vrij Nederland for one month.

So, if you haven’t signed up for Brave New World yet, don’t wait any longer and get your ticket today.