Brave New World launches publishing house

Every year, we bring the most innovative thinkers in culture, politics, business and society together, to discuss how future technologies will affect business, policies and life. And now (especially now!) our discussions will reach beyond our conference halls. So we are launching a brand new publishing house that will take the ideas of Brave New World to your doorstep. The books of Bot Publishers will revolve around the same topics as our conference: future technologies and their ethical and societal impact.

The War on Normal People
Bot Publishers brings you the Dutch translation of The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang. The book gives a look on the future of work in the age of automation, artificial intelligence and big data. Yang explains how a large percentage of all jobs will disappear in the near future, and what he sees as the only way for humanity to be saved. One of the solutions Yang suggests is an universal basic income. An idea that is getting more popular due to recent Corona-measures and developments in the world.  The book will be published soon and can be pre-ordered here.

A Post-Corona Brave New World
Now one of the hypothetical questions we love to discuss at Brave New World just became reality, we will have to cope with the consequences in the next years to come. Covid-19 holds the world in its grip, with enormous impact on humanity. We are confident that this crisis will pass, but will it have any lasting changes on society? How will our post-Corona world look like? Will we look differently at the way we lived our lives before? Will we expect other things from our government, our employers, perhaps even each other?

We have invited some of our speakers from the past four years to contribute to a free e-book comprised of a short collection of opinion articles. We are looking forward to their thoughts and will try to share it with you as soon as possible, hopefully end of May!

Are you working on a book?
Bot Publishers is actively searching for books that deserve to be read, and we’re looking at all our Brave New World alumni to join our mission. Are you working on a book and need a publishing house, or have you recently published a book that doesn’t have a Dutch translation yet, we would love to hear from you.