Body artist Lucy McRae joining BNW

Brave New World is very proud to announce Lucy McRae is joining our program on Thursday 2 November. Lucy McRae is a sci-fi artist, film director, TED Fellow and body architect, placing the human body in complex, futuristic scenarios that confound the boundaries between the natural and artificial. She will show us how humans might evolve in the coming 2000 years.

Also joining us in the theme Nature&Tech is professor Bas Haring, philosophizing about how much we should really care about the extinction of animals. Amos Kater form UL transation security and Arie van Bellen from the Dutch platform for the information society will discuss the influence of technology on politics and governments, but also the influence of governments on technology.

Below a short summary of our new speakers. More info on them can be found on the speakers page.

Lucy McRae – body artist (UK/AUS)
Trained in classical ballet and interior design, Lucy McRae’s approach is to influence culture by exploring scientific breakthroughs relating to health and the human body, while providing a feminine point of view on emerging technology. McRae encourages scientific conversation around the slipperiness of where science and technology meet the body, throwing into question “What makes us Human”?

Bas Haring – Professor Public Understanding of Science (NL)
Bas Haring is a Dutch philosopher, writer of popular science and children’s literature, television presenter and professor. He’s a full professor at Leiden University where he holds a chair in ‘public understanding of science’ since 2007.

Amos Kater – UL Transaction Security, Director Advisory & Education Services (NL)
Amos Kater is responsible for all markets (Banks, Payment Institutions, Telecom & Manufacturers, Transit and Government) where UL is active. Amos has been with UL since 2011 and prior to this, he worked at KPN for 15 years, mainly in strategic and innovative roles as a telecom professional.

Arie van Bellen – director of ECP (NL)
Arie van Bellen is director of ECP, platform for Information Society. ECP is an influential not-for-profit platform where participants from businesses, government, science and society work together to establish a trusted and profitabel digital society in The Netherlands.