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BRAVE NEW WORLD is an annual Art & Science conference for people who want to know what the future holds in store and how this will affect their work and life. On Thursday and Friday 14 – 15 September 2023, the worlds of culture, philosophy, science, technology and storytelling will collide. We want to discuss what ethical and societal impact new technologies could have on human life, before the innovations are introduced in society. This conference is for people who want to go beyond their own field of interest, who want to network with others with innovative mindset. 


The theme for this year’s event will be:

The Future of Attention

In practically every aspect of life, such as education, employment or relationships, attention is essential. It enables people to make memories, concentrate on details and avoid distractions. A shift in societal or political attention to global topics can create great change. And of course let’s not forget our attention for other beings (natural or artificial). In this edition of Brave New World we will dive into all different aspects of attention – what is attention, how does attention work, what is the influence of technology on our attention, how does political attention switches from one global issue to another, what is the evolution of our attention for each other and of course what can we expect from the future of attention?



SPEAKERS 2023 edition

Špela Petrič


Špela Petrič is a Slovenian new media artist with a background in the natural sciences. Her artistic practice combines biomedia practices and performativity to enact strange relations between bodies that revea[...] read more

Haroon Sheikh


Haroon Sheikh is a Dutch philosopher with Pakistani and Surinamese roots. He conducts multidisciplinary research on issues relating to international order and new technologies. His work is characterized by a broa[...] read more

Regina Joseph

Superforcaster, political scientist, systems designer

Regina Joseph’s career spans senior roles in technology, media, national security and decision science research. Since 2014, her consultancies, Pytho in the US and Sibylink in Europe, have led analysis, researc[...] read more

Roshan Cools

Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry

Roshan Cools is Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry at the department of psychiatry of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre and principal investigator at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging[...] read more

Stefan van der Stigchel

Professor in Cognitive Psychology

Stefan van der Stigchel is a professor in Cognitive Psychology at the department of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University and principal investigator of the research group AttentionLab. For his research on[...] read more

Mary Sanders

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Mary J. Sanders, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Professor at the Department of Psychiatry of Stanford University Medical School. Dr. [...] read more



Are you prepared for a Brave New World? Do you want to witness two days of mind-bending presentations and take part in discussing how future innovations will have an impact on human life? Do you want to meet peers from different sectors and co-create new views on life & society? Join us!

Regular tickets € 75,- € 150,-
Students  € 25,-  € 50,-
Business  € 150,-  € 300,-
Tickets include lunch & drinks.





Days of Art&Science

This year Brave New World will be part of a new initiative in Leiden – Days of Art&Science. Days of Art&Science (11-17 September) will combine different events, conferences, festivals, expositions and workshops all combining art and science in their own unique way.

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For all our loyal followers we have an early bird deal! If you know the conference and trust us that we will provide an exciting and innovative program in 2023 you can already register and receive a 15% discount as a reward for your faith in us!

h/AI – futuristic musical theatre with AI

Can you make a musical theatre performance using Artificial Intelligence? Two playwrights, four actors, and an orchestra of 14 musicians are up for the challenge. With h/AI (human/Artificial Intelligence), musical theatre company de Veenfabriek, theatergroep ECHO and Orchestra De Ereprijs create a more than human artistic manifestation with AI.


This exciting event is being brought to you through the generous support of our many conference partners and sponsors who are committed to Brave New World. We thank these agencies, organizations, foundations and companies for providing the necessary support to make this event possible.


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